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Get a student learning style profile with advice to study, relate and advocate better. For individual students and for a whole class.

Discover your raw strengths and blind-spots. Think, learn and relate better with CLUES. Plus, get an idea of what career roles you will be incredible at.

Leverage your style. Think better, learn better and team better. Advice includes career and relationship management. For individual students and groups.

Use CLUES is your starting point. It is a tool that will give you insight to help you manage school life and beyond.


Learn better, Think better, Team better with the CLUES tool

What does CLUES do?

CLUES is an interactive tool that identifies natural strengths and then instantly provides "field notes," advice on how to use those strengths to learn better, think better and relate better. With CLUES, students can build a roadmap to get to where they want to go, using the best of what nature gave them.

How? By asking a series of simple questions. Each has been carefully developed and thoroughly researched to provide clear perspective on how students can use their raw talents and start to explore roles that will fit their personal style in the future.
Why is CLUES critical?

40% of Students who start post secondary education, don't complete the program that they enrolled in. Even for those that do, they may not be able to find jobs when they graduate. Students need help to be successful.

CLUES can help equip students with an understanding who they are from elementary school right through work life and just where they can apply these strengths to excel. With CLUES they can build a roadmap to use what nature gave them. CLUES also teaches students essential soft skills based on their personality style. ,

Why is CLUES different?

CLUES is memorable. It gives individual students and teachers or professors an overview of critical insights into each student's preferred way of thinking, learning and communicating. CLUES can auto-map an entire class or group in real time - an incredible resource for the leader.

CLUES provides a simple vocabulary that will not be forgotten.

CLUES has been specifically designed for the three school levels and for the challenges that are encountered with each step. CLUES is a lifetime of learning.

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